Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle Full Review!

Finding the right kettle for your kitchen can be a challenge, with so many high-quality kettles on offer these days, it can get overwhelming at times. When picking a kettle, as a customer we want to know everything about the product, the make, the history, how well it performs, etc…

The Pykal whistling kettle is a stove kettle with an iCool handle, that comes with two infusers, and is compatible with most cookers, including Gas, Electric, Ceramic, and Halogen.

Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle Review

The Pykal Company specializes in making kettles and other drinking appliances like Thermal coffee carafe, Glass pitchers, Tea infuser strainers, and Electric milk foam makers.

This Pykal tea kettle was released on the 7th of October 2017, which is now gone on to become there best seller. Featuring the latest in thermal protection technology, that can hold a staggering 3 QT/2.84 L of water. This is great for the whole family. ‘BUT’… what makes this kettle so special?

The answer is really in the design, and what makes this kettle stand out from all the others, is the type of material Pykal uses on their kettles.

The Design

This kettle is made from a 5-layer encapsulated base, that has an Iron layer between 2 aluminum layers wrapped inside of surgical stainless steel, this is what enhances the heating performance.

However! By improving the heat distribution and heating efficiency of the kettle, with the layers of steel and iron, this, as a result, does increase the weight of the product.

Now what really separates this kettle from most others is, the iCook handle technology that Pykal has integrated into this design, which also includes a push button to release the spout cap, making pouring easier.

The kettle has a sleek satin polish with a mirror finish, giving it a very stylish and modern look, that can definitely hold up against other more expensive kettles.

Heating Performance

Because the Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle has a 5-layer encapsulated base, with Iron between 2 aluminum layers, inside surgical stainless steel, this enables for a much better heating performance.

Due to the design of this kettle, with the enhanced extra-thick surgical grade steel, this results in the kettle disrupting heat evenly throughout for a faster boil.

The kettle can hold an impressive 3 liters of water, but when filling your kettle, never fill with less than 0.5 L of water or fill over the MAX line, this is to avoid boiling dry or overflowing. 

iCool handle

One of the best features on this kettle, that really separates it from all the other kettles, is the iCool handle, that’s the latest breakthrough in thermal protection technology and ensures the handle will be cool and safe to touch within seconds after boiling.

The iCool handle is designed with the customer’s safety in mind, there’s no need to grab a towel to cover the hot handle like in the old days. Now with the thermal protection technology, you can use your hands without any risk.

The iCool handle also has an ergonomic push-button pouring mechanism, that releases the kettles spout cap, so you don’t need to touch any hot metal, making pouring a lot easier.

Tea Infusers

Included with this kettle are two free tea infusers, so rather than using prepackaged tea bags, you can make your own tea using fresh loose tea leaves.

Drinking higher quality tea is far better than the standard tea bags. Not only is fresh tea full of flavor, but is packed with antioxidants. Fresh teas like Black tea or Green tea have some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants.

The tea infuser tools are very easy to use, it allows you to steep your loose tea leaves instead of using the standard tea bags. It holds the loose tea leaves together, steeping your tea.

Tea infusers come in different styles and sizes, but most are shaped like a mesh ball or basket. Depending on what type of tea you’re using, times for Steeping your tea can vary between 2 to 7 minutes. Once you have finished steeping, simply remove the infuser, then you ready to enjoy your fresh tea, it’s that easy.


If you’re looking for a kettle with a whistle that’s loud enough to definitely grab your attention when busy in the house or garden, then the Pykal kettle will do just that.

The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle is equipped with a whistle that’s loud enough to hear from any room in the house or garden. The clear and very loud whistling noise will start soon as the water has reached boiling point, and will continue until it’s removed from the heat


Because Pykal has made this kettle’s base with a top-quality heating performance that relies on the five-layer base for fast boiling, it’s also very durable and rust-resistant. 

Keep in mind because of the extra thick five-layer design, this kettle can last several years, or even a lifetime, but this is only if it’s maintained and clean regularly.

But make sure you don’t use any metallic tools when cleaning. Stainless steel is well known to be a soft metal, which means this kettle can scratch easily if you’re not careful.


The Pykal kettle has a wider lid that makes it easy to clean. You can use a sponge or soft brush to clean the interior, then simply wipe dry. The kettle should be cleaned every time it’s used, especially around the lid area to help avoid sticking.

The spout can also be cleaned by using a soft brush or sponge, the spout itself is short enough where you should be able to reach and clean inside without missing a spot.

If you have any hard to remove stains that occur over time, try using some lemon or all-purpose descaler, this should bring the inside of the kettle back to a mirror shine.

You can also remove tea stains or hard water buildup with white vinegar. All you do is boil equal parts water and white vinegar. Then turn off the kettle and let it sit there for a couple of hours, then rinse and repeat until your kettle is sparkling.


When buying a kettle, the first thing you want to know is if the product comes with a warranty. The last thing you want is to buy a kettle and find out it’s faulty and has no warranty.

However! It’s very rare these days to purchase a kettle or any product for that matter and have no warranty. The good news is this Pykal kettle is covered by a 12-month warranty. So if you have any problems or find that the kettle is faulty you can return it for a swap or full refund.

Where can you buy?

When buying a kettle the first thing you should always check is how much water the kettle can hold. Larger stove-top kettles like the Pykal kettle can hold around 3 quarts of water, while electric kettles only hold up to 1.5 quarts.

The best place to order the Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle online would be Amazon they offer and guarantee a stylish gift box with this kettle, that’s free of charge. This makes the Pykal kettle seem much more high end.

Amazon also offers the cheapest deals online regarding this tea kettle. Not to mention they also have there own warranty with some of there products. It’s a much safer way to shop online.

Pykal Kettle vs OXO Brew Classic Tea Kettle

The Pykal kettle is a great piece of technology, with the enhanced heating performance and iCool handle. But. like all kettles there’s competition and that’s where The OXO Brew Classic Kettle Comes in.

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The OXO brew stove kettle offers some great features including the heat resistant handle and large lid. However, what really separates this kettle from the rest, is the rotating handle. 

The rotating handle makes the OXO kettle easier to fill and to clean, the kettle has a high grade brushed stainless steel, giving it a sleek and stylish look.

The OXO kettle is also liter than the Pykal kettle, weighing in at only 1.2 Kg, this is due to the lightweight stainless steel. Both these kettles are durable and come with easy pour spouts, but only with the pykal kettle, you get 2 free tea infusers.

Both kettles will make an excellent addition to any kitchen and are very budget-friendly. However the OXO it’s slightly higher in price than the Pykal kettle.


Choosing the right kettle for your kitchen can a daunting task at times, but it’s always wise to do your research first, to find the best kettle that suits your needs.

This Pykal whistling tea kettle, with the iCool handle and 5-layer encapsulated base with the ergonomic push-button design, it’s definitely worthy of any kitchen and is compatible on all Stovetops.

Everyone who knows anything about tea knows that loose leaf triumphs over tea bags, and brewing a fresh pot of tea couldn’t be easier with the two free tea infusers, you get with this model.

Soon as you receive the pykal kettle you can start making great tasting tea, using fresh ingredients, that’s more flavorful more pungent, and healthier for the body.

Although the Pykal kettle is not perfect and is heavier than most other models, it still has more pros than cons, and with a 12-month warranty, the Pykal kettle definitely makes a great addition to the kitchen.

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