What Is Dog Rose Tea? History, Benefits

Rosa canina is commonly known as dog rose that goes all the way back to the medieval times, where the plant’s root was known to cure the bite of a mad dog, getting its name ”dog rose” this plant is also called by another name ”wild rose” that often be mixed up with other similar-looking species of plant.

The red berries are called (rose hips) and have some of the richest sources of vitamins C, D, and E. So what is dog rose tea?

Dog Rose tea is made from the rosehip berries of the Rosa Canina plant which are then picked, trimmed, and ready for use. The berries can either be prepared fresh or dried and once brewed the rosehips will turn the water into a deep red color that gives off a tangy, sweet aroma with a fruity plum-like taste.

The rose tea can be consumed hot or cold, and if you wanted to sweeten things up a bit and make your tea more enjoyable, you can add a touch of sugar or honey which is also a great source of carbohydrates, and don’t forget to try different combinations to get the best flavor in your tea.

Dog Rose Plant

Rosa canina (Dog Rose) can be dated back to the medieval times and is a climbing wild rose species that are native to Europe, northwest Africa, and in western Asia.

The plant was classed as an invasive species in the high country of New Zealand because of its tendency to spread and cause damage. 

In 2004 Australia declared the dog rose a weed under the Natural Resources Management Act (NRM).

The dog rose was the stylish rose of medieval Europe, and was famously known for growing outside the building on the outer wall of the Hildesheim Cathedral located in Germany.

But on the 22 of March 1945 after the aerial bombardment that damaged the Hildesheim cathedral, killed off the main growth of the rose bush, and only the charred stump of the rose remained.

But this wasn’t the end of the famous dog rose plant, and just by showing how resilient this flower was, towards the end of 1945, the plant put out 25 new shoots, which then finally went on to bloom 2 years later in 1947.

The Rosa Canina plant is a deciduous shrub normally ranging in heights of 1–5 meters, However, because this species of plant is a climbing wild rose they can actually reach heights of a small house or tree.

The dog rose plant usually takes up to 2 years to germinate.

When the wild rose blooms there are five petals that are mildly fragrant and have a color range from light pink to white, this blooming process typically starts in the spring through summer and produce red barriers known as (rosehips).

The (rosehips) actually grow similar to tomatoes, that start off green and as the plant matures the berries slowly change to a deep red color.

The rose hips are a great source of vitamin C that can be used to make drinking tea, jams, jellies, or even sauces and for flavoring other recipes.

Dog Rose Tea

By drinking dog rose tea (rosehip tea) this can definitely improve your digestive tract and help with things like constipation and diarrhea, not to mention other health benefits that the rose plant is known for.

The tea itself can be made from rosehips berries or even the leaves of the plant.

To prepare dog rose tea is very simple, all you need is to add 2 tbs of dried rosehips into 250 grams boiling water, let it brew for about 10 mins then your tea will be ready.

You can add things like sugar or honey to make the rose tea a bit sweeter but this is optional.

Once the tea has finished brewing you should have a nice deep red tea that will have a slight tangy plum-like flavor and gives off a sweet aroma.

Rosehip tea is naturally caffeine-free and you can use fresh or dried rose hips as well as the teabag versions.

If your picking your own fresh rose hips make sure you give them a quick wash to remove any loose dirt and then set them aside for 24 hours to let them dry. Once dry cut the rose hips in half and remove all the interior hair and seeds.

Then use either a food processor or pestle mortar, grind the remaining rose hips into a powder form, after this your rose hips will be ready to use.

To store your tea add the contents to a jar or airtight container this will keep it rosehip powder fresher for longer, then store in a cool dry place until needed.

By storing the rosehip powder in an airtight container this will prolong the lifespan of your tea and can last several months.

Rosehip is a herbal tea and like all teas eventually, they do expire. There are some cases where herbal tea can last one or even two years before going bad, but only if the tea is stored correctly.

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The Rosa canina plant has been used for centuries for medicine and is packed with vitamins C, D, and E not only that, but the pink flowers contain numerous therapeutic properties that can treat all kinds of medical conditions, and because of the high levels of vitamins in this plant its recommended to cure constipation and diarrhea.

The fruits of the plant (Rosehips) contain high amounts of vitamins and there are some people who use a combination of dog rose petals and rose hips when brewing the tea.

In Denmark, scientists concluded that dog rose berries have properties that can actually alleviate arthritic pain.

The infusions in the rosehip tea can also help fend off headaches and treat things like dizziness, tiredness, and colds. The rose hips also have mild laxative and diuretic properties that can treat urinary infections.

The Rosa canina has potent antioxidant activity that can help protect the body from numerous internal and external tensions.

It can be used in many different ways, not only for tea but the flower petals, for example, can be used in infusions to flavor foods.

The American Indians were known to use the berries as survival food. But nowadays things aren’t so extreme, and the edible dog rose berry can now be prepared in the forms of marmalade, jam, jelly, syrup,  ketchup, and most commonly tea.

Because of the high amounts of health benefits the rosa canina has to offer, there’s now a plant-based oil called (organic rosehip oil) that’s high in vitamin C and is 100% natural oil, and because of the anti-aging, and regenerative properties the demand for rosehip oil has now increased.

Side Effects

The side effects of drinking dog rose tea is mild and can vary with each person, and apart from going to the loo regularly when drinking a lot of tea, there are some side effects to be aware of.

Now, if your someone that’s allergic to certain herbal or any medical supplements, then it is possible to get an allergic reaction from the rosehip tea.

If you show any signs of swelling of your face, lips, tongue, throat, or find it difficult breathing after drinking dog rose tea then this is an allergic reaction from the tea and you should stop drinking it immediately.

However, the chances of getting an allergic reaction from the rosehip tea are very slim, and this only really applies to people who suffer from allergies or who have had an allergic reaction to herbal or medical supplements in the past.

Because the rosehips have a large amount of vitamin C apparently it is possible but extremely rare, that the tea can affect the control of diabetes, however, there are some medical experts that would disagree with this.

Rosehips are also used in medication, so if you find that you are suffering an allergic reaction or any of these side effects from drinking the dog rose tea then contact your doctor to seek medical advice.

Although not all side effects of the rose hips are known, they are thought to be safe when taken in recommended doses. But for example, if you eat a whole bag of rosehip berries say, or drink too much tea expect a slight stomach ache.

Where To Buy

Rosehip tea is not that hard to find, you can buy dried rosehips in any local health store or supermarket. Online stores like Amazon also sell organic rosehip tea, rosehip oil, and other rosehip Supplements.

If you’ve never tried rosehip tea before it’s always recommended to buy the freshest tea you can find for the best results.

Since the dog rose plant is actually a wild rose that can be found in most hedgerows or woodland edges you can gather your ingredients and make your tea for free.

But if your unsure of any spots where the plant might be growing you can buy fresh pink dog rose petals online again places like Amazon have a wide selection of flower buds and rosehip berries.

If you find that the rosehip tea is not for you, there are other rosehip Supplements on the market that will still have the same benefits as drinking tea and don’t forget you can also make desserts, jams and cakes using the rose berries, this way you can improve the flavor and make it more enjoyable


So as you can see… Dog rose tea is very popular and very easy to make, if you know of any wild Rosa Canina plants growing in the hedgerows or in any woodlands then this is a bonus, as you can make your rosehip tea at zero cost.

But just remember it is possible to suffer an allergic reaction to rosehips so if your someone who does suffer from any allergies then it might be better to start off with rosehip teabags first then move on to the fresher ingredients.

Drinking this tea can be very beneficial with its high levels of vitamins and antioxidants it’s definitely a tea you should add to your diet. There’s also rosehip oil and other rosehip Supplements you can buy if you find that rosehip tea is not your thing.

Its also highly recommended that if this is your first time drinking rosehip tea, then make sure your tea is made with the freshest ingredients to get the best possible experience and flavor in your tea.

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